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MMone, the ultimate chair for virtual reality will never have at home

Chair MMOne 360 ​​Virtual Reality
MMone is a chair designed for simulators and enjoy various experiences in virtual reality by allowing movement of up to 360 reais.

A few months ago I talked to a chair created especially for Virtual Reality, but as may know MMone You see that they have nothing to do with the above ... and that we show today is designed especially to play simulator type games and not just from home.

This is because the chair will be able to 3 axles rotate to either sideAs if we were really in the car or plane, recreating the actual movement of the vehicle. This, coupled with that is ready to be played with virtual reality viewers (there is also option for normal screen), becomes the feeling of playing such games on an experience.

That yes, its type, size, cost and maintenance, is intended especially for specific events or recreational centers (who does not remember those simulators that revolved old arcades ...).

MMone chair - squemas

MMOne is a new simulator that includes a fixed adjustable legs, attached sports seats and VR lenses or display platform. The control system includes a joystick or interactive wheel.

Obviamente no es la primera de su especie, pero a diferencia de otras que pueden «solo» rotar 360º, en el caso de MMone también It moves up to 30th on the sides and 30 ° up and downRecreating a full 360-degree movement in either direction.

This added to that is prepared to place the sensors corresponding virtual viewers, current reality as well as the inclusion of a control for games, make it particularly interesting to play and not just to live noninteractive type roller coaster experiences.

For example, in partnership with Ubisoft, you can see in the video as playing car game TrackMania 2, Feeling every spin, jump or looping.

Here you can see moving:

You can find more information about the MMone chair from his Web page.


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