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DEO VR, video viewer free for HMD 360 ° Virtual Reality

360 DEO VR viewer - Free
Deo VR is an application for PC (and soon mobile) that allows us to watch videos in 360 format, whether staying on our computer and Youtube.

DEO VR is a new free program that allows us watching videos 360 with our viewers Virtual Reality, currently available in Oculus Rift and soon with HTC Vive (August 29), Gear VR (September 2) and Cardboard (coming soon).

The program is simple but effective: we can upload any video format 360 we have in our computer or directly access the section 360 of YouTube to see the videos hosted on that platform and can even search your browser with the digital keyboard that appears.

En el caso de Oculus Rift su control es mediante el mando de Xbox One o el propio Oculus Remote, con lo que es fácil movernos por sus menús, basándonos en «mirar y pulsar».


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