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Become a witch by Waltz of the Wizard, an interactive experience for HTC Vive

Waltz of the Wizard VR - HTC Vive
Waltz of the Wizard is a great experience for HTC lives that allows us to become virtual wizards, casting spells, potions creating or moving objects from a distance.

Have you ever wanted to have magical powers? To Create potions, move things away or throw fireballs? Well, your wish come true with Waltz of the Wizard, available for HTC Vive, A magical experience available free on Steam.

Thanks to the controls of lives we can experience first freely it is to have powers to shatter the room, the experience throwing ingredients cauldron, perform spells or moving objects at will just by moving your hands. Just do not expect a story or a thread, because all you have to do is investigate all possibilities Waltz of the Wizard allows us to spend the time.

Con este trailer de lanzamiento podéis haceros una idea de cómo se ve el «juego»:

combine ingredients arcana in a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit caught in a human skull. Unleash the creative or destructive magic in a virtual world fully interactive. Traveling to new places and lives mysterious circumstances in an experience inspired by the atmosphere of films like Harry Potter and Fantasy.

Waltz of the Wizard for HTC Vive is available free from the following link Steam:

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