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Idol Live a concert with two Catgirls in Nekopalive, free on Steam

Nekopalive is an experience for Oculus Rift and HTC lives that allows us to experience first concert two Idols manga Catgirl style.

Virtual reality allows us to enjoy experiences of all kindsFor example traveling to the past, sailing the seas, discovering new planets, playing in an arcade, watching a movie at the cinema or becoming magician, to name a few. Now, if we did not have enough variety (nunca es suficiente… 😀), Comes the RV version Nekopalive. And what allows us to Nekopalive? So basically attend a concert with two Catgirls Idol style manga characters.

And the next obvious question for those who may not know is, What is a Cat Girl? Well, pulling wikipedia we find a very clear definition:

A Catgirl (cat girl) is a female cat character traits, such as cat ears, cat tail or other style characteristics in a human body.

VR NekopaliveCon estos conceptos claros y juntándolo con el fenómeno «Idol», nos encontramos en un concierto en el que two girls manga style and with different features - one of more boyish and other more exuberant, ideal for everyone - dancing on stage while playing a Japanese song (there are two different virtual reality and other 2 to see normally).

If you use a HTC Vive, you can use your Room Scale to move you where you want, and if you use Oculus Rift, it seems that with the mouse and keyboard will be able to move the camera.

The best of all? Is a free experienceSo we recommend you download it from Steam to live it yourselves and with your friends. No doubt, but does not allow any interaction, it becomes mesmerizing ...

And what better to illustrate what we mean and if you do not have any virtual reality device to PC we leave this 360 video of one of the songs, Also accessible from viewers Cardboard guy with YouTube for iOS and Android:

You can download the applicationfree Nekopalive from Steam, being compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Here's the direct link to the store:

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